Analyzing: Taylor Swift’s ‘Begin Again’

Okay, now I know this song came out 5 years ago but it still stands as one of my favorites by Taylor Swift. The lyrics are so well written that you can literally relate to almost every single line. (She actually wrote them herself, fyi. *claps* *claps*)

The song itself tells the story of “new love” and how it’s actually possible again. It gives the listener (aka me) whose heart has been broken over and over again (aka mine), hope that you can still love again. This new love can probably be found on Wednesdays at some café. So… umm… I’ll be right back… I’m gonna be super busy for the next 30 Wednesdays. If you need me, I’ll be at some café in a flowy silk dress.

The song, paired with the STUNNING video she made, make for a wonderful piece of art. The video gives you the feeling of this romantic movie (almost as if it was directed by Woody Allen himself) and it’s set in the most romantic place on earth, Paris. The outfits that Taylor wears in the video are both, dramatic and simple at the same time. It’s very visually pleasing to say the least.

I really enjoyed the song and video (and its meaning) so I decided it was worth a post. I ran into it again while I was on YouTube checking out her latest Jingle Ball performance.

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. If you didn’t, make sure you send it to that friend that hates everyone they meet because they’re so heart broken and they think they’ll never love again (aka me). According to Taylor, they will. Just make sure they do the Wednesday-café thing.