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Analyzing: Niall Horan’s ‘Too Much To Ask’ – It’s Everything You Wanna Tell That Ex You’re Still Not Over

Talk about turning a love letter into a song. All of those feelings positioned perfectly, sung with emotion, and backed up by a great acoustic melody make for this beautiful ballad.

It kind of just hits you. With lyrics like “waiting here for someone” (which brings the fresh-out-of-a-break-up listener a sense of loneliness), followed by “only yesterday we were on the run” (which makes the listener realize just that. That only a few days/weeks/months, they weren’t so alone). It definitely makes you start feeling some type-of-way right of the bat.

The song then goes on to ask questions you so desperately want answered by that ex you’re still not over. Like, are there things they regret? Do they still think of you sometimes? My favorite, “don’t you feel fucked up we’re not in love?” And is that “too much to ask?” Probably. If only we had the answers to those questions, I think it’d make the breakup a bit easier. Maybe.

On a more personal level, when I first listened to this almost a year ago, it made me realize that I wasn’t over my Ex. Despite how much I would tell myself that I was, I still wasn’t over him. Ironically, that helped me get over him. Once I realized that it was about time to move on, I did. I was clearly in denial and had to stop lying to myself to start the healing process. It made sense.

Enjoy the song, and hopefully it helps you get over whomever you wanna get over. And words to the wise, don’t follow the “if you wanna get over someone get under someone else” rule. It doesn’t work. I tried that. It just made me feel like a slut.

Analyzing: MØ’s ‘Final Song’

I’m obsessed with this song. There’s so much meaning to it.

Although it came out back in mid-2016, it doesn’t have a dated feel at all. This was one of the songs I would hear on some Spotify playlist and skip – not thinking much of it. Yeah, sure, “it has a catchy beat but not much to it,” I thought. I was wrong. Once you pay attention to the lyrics and fall in love with the tone of her voice, you’re hooked.

The song is a fu*k!ng chameleon. It can mean anything, ranging from sadness to happiness. All depending on the listener’s mood, and exactly where in life (emotionally) they are at the time of listening.

At the time I fell in love with the song, I was going through a break-up. To me, it was very meaningful in a sad-kind-of-way. Not to bring you down, but think back to your last heartbreak. Think of how much you loved that person and how badly you wanted them in your life. And if you’re going through a break-up right now, even better.

Okay, do I have you in that sad frame of mind? Good. Now, when you start the song, you immediately embark on this emotional rollercoaster. The first lyrics MØ hits you with, are gut-wrenching.

Please, won’t you wait? Won’t you stay?
At least until the sun goes down
When you’re gone, I lose faith
I lose everything I have found
Heart strings, violins
That’s what I hear when you’re by my side

How f*ck!ng sad is that!? If that’s not the definition of imploring, I don’t know what is.

Now, if you’re still in this sad frame of mind, the rollercoaster of feelings induced by this song continues. It makes you reminisce of how wonderful things were when you and that “one” person were together. It reminds you of how life is so sad now, without them. It’s tragically beautiful.

Bottom line: In the sad frame-of-mind, this song basically paints a picture of someone not admitting that the relationship is over. They want to keep fighting for what was. They’re clinging to something they want so badly. They’re begging the other person to stay. They want to open the other person’s eyes and let them know how good they were together. Desperation, delusion, denial.

So sad right? I know.

On the other end of the spectrum; this song can be a happy, whimsical joy-ride.

Forget the sorrow from the last state of mind you were in. Place yourself in a more positive, happy time. Imagine new love. That person you’ve had a crush on for days finally goes out with you. Imagine the state of a new relationship. All fun, great chemistry, pure euphoria.

Are you there yet?

If you’re not, I’m sorry. I probably got you too depressed from the first part of this analysis. I should’ve written this part first. Come back once you’re done crying.

For those of you that are still reading and are now in a “happy place” thinking of their real or imaginary lover, let this song be the soundtrack to that daydream.

Please, won’t you wait? Won’t you stay?
At least until the sun goes down
When you’re gone, I lose faith
I lose everything I have found
Heart strings, violins
That’s what I hear when you’re by my side

Same lyrics, different state of mind, different meaning.

If the lyrics are still sad, clearly, you’re still hung up on something…err…someone.

Okay, but seriously. when you’re in a happy state of mind, this song paints a completely different picture. A picture of the morning after a wonderful first date. The amazing sex that ensued after a wonderful dinner on said date. The long night you had following the sex, where you both discussed everything that came to mind. And how afterward, you both came to the realization that the two belonged together.

You’re both waking up, your person is getting ready to leave, and that’s when you ask them to wait, “won’t you stay? At least until the sun goes down.”

Because you don’t want that moment to end.

The rest of the song goes on to explain how that person makes you feel. How “heart strings and violins” all form a wonderful harmony when your new lover is around. Pretty magical right?

Happy bottom line: In a happy state-of-mind, this song depicts the birth of new love. How amazing it feels to love and be loved. It walks you through confetti word-vomit. Where you tell the person how much they mean to you, and how you can’t imagine being without them in this world. How it would be very sad if you guys weren’t together, and how happy together you both are. Happiness, love, and insecurity all in one.

I mean, it’s true. We all have that one fear of being broken. Especially at the beginning of a relationship. It feels so good, you don’t know if you should trust it because just as fast as it came, it can all go away. And although you like it and it lures you in, you’re weary about it.

I can go on about how much a person can relate to this song. It doesn’t matter if you’re taken, single, happily taken, happily single, unhappily taken or miserably single. This song is relatable to almost any feeling, period. It’s the mood-ring of songs. The salt and pepper to your current feelings. The musical-GPS to your heart. Basically, MØ’s Final Song can help you enhance the feelings that you’re already feeling.

Like a brand of music ecstasy. Without the harmful chemicals.

Analyzing: Taylor Swift’s ‘Begin Again’

Okay, now I know this song came out 5 years ago but it still stands as one of my favorites by Taylor Swift. The lyrics are so well written that you can literally relate to almost every single line. (She actually wrote them herself, fyi. *claps* *claps*)

The song itself tells the story of “new love” and how it’s actually possible again. It gives the listener (aka me) whose heart has been broken over and over again (aka mine), hope that you can still love again. This new love can probably be found on Wednesdays at some café. So… umm… I’ll be right back… I’m gonna be super busy for the next 30 Wednesdays. If you need me, I’ll be at some café in a flowy silk dress.

The song, paired with the STUNNING video she made, make for a wonderful piece of art. The video gives you the feeling of this romantic movie (almost as if it was directed by Woody Allen himself) and it’s set in the most romantic place on earth, Paris. The outfits that Taylor wears in the video are both, dramatic and simple at the same time. It’s very visually pleasing to say the least.

I really enjoyed the song and video (and its meaning) so I decided it was worth a post. I ran into it again while I was on YouTube checking out her latest Jingle Ball performance.

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. If you didn’t, make sure you send it to that friend that hates everyone they meet because they’re so heart broken and they think they’ll never love again (aka me). According to Taylor, they will. Just make sure they do the Wednesday-café thing.